Santa Cruz Museum

Toledo by night

Alcázar de Toledo, now the Museum of the Army

Detail of the decoration in the Tránsito synagogue

The famous ‘City of Three Cultures’ is an essential day-trip from Madrid. Once the capital of the kingdom of Spain, a visit to its historic churches, synagogues and mosques reminds us that Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in harmony here.

You will feel like a time traveller as you explore the totally conserved streets and squares of this World Heritage City.

In a walk around Toledo you’ll also find plenty of shops with local crafts and souvenirs. You might want to find reproductions of some of the most famous swords in history, discover the traditional art of damascene (decorative metalwork with inlaid patterns or gold and silver strands), or buy some delicious marzipan.

It is just over 70 kilometres from Madrid, and thanks to high-speed trains, you can make the trip in about half an hour.

Alcázar: an impressive fortress on the city’s highest hill, now the Army Museum, it has been the residence of dowager queens, a Crown prison, and a silk weaving workshop, among other things.

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes: commissioned by Queen Isabella to commemorate a military victory.

Cathedral: one of Europe’s most beautiful Gothic cathedrals.

Mosque of Cristo de la Luz: perfectly conserved, it is the best preserved example of Islamic art in Toledo.

Bridges and city gates: the San Martín Bridge, Alcántara Bridge and Bisagra Gate are must-sees.

Viewing points: you can admire the river Tagus, which flows around the city as a defensive moat, from the Mirador del Valle.

Toledo by night: the buildings are particularly beautiful when floodlit at night. You can also take guided tours in the evening to discover the mysteries and legends of the city.

Souvenir shops: you can buy elegant crafts such as damascene work with gold and silver leaf and threads, leather accessories, and even steel swords, a traditional product of the city, in the main sightseeing areas around the Cathedral and the Alcazar.

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